Christian Develter’s ‘Asiatique’ for Madama Butterfly

Christian Develter’s ‘Asiatique’ for Madama Butterfly
Christian Develter 

Meet Christian Develter, an artist whose work knows no bounds and whose masterpiece - Asiatique - adds a vibrant touch to Cambodia's eagerly awaited Madama Butterfly Let's explore Christian's world and discover his remarkable work.

Hailing from Belgium, Christian Develter's artistic journey began at Ghent Art School and flourished at the Antwerp Fashion Academy. Christian's paintings capture the inner strength of the human spirit with meticulous attention to detail, using lines, lighting, and geometry. Bold and expressive colors reveal depth and the impact of iconic figures. Christian combines strong colors, oils, acrylics, and bold shapes to craft powerful artworks.

Asiatique belongs to Christian Develter's 'Chin Series', exploring evolving cultures and women's empowerment. This series invites you to discover the modern world juxtaposed with tribal tattoos connecting us to our cultural roots. Inspiration for the 'Chin Series' came from intricately tattooed Chin women in Myanmar's North-Western region. These tattoos, once symbols of belonging, now signify strength and beauty, reflecting nature and animist beliefs.

When I created this large-scale work, I honestly didn’t have Madama Butterfly in mind. I wanted to create a playful rather cheeky homage to Asian female beauty and baptized her “Asiatique”. A tribute to the likes of “Anna May Wong” in Shanghai Express 1932 by Joseph von Sternberg. It was only later that the cross relevance with Puccini opera was offered by Juveris Tenisons and really resonated with me. I am delighted for the collaboration, with the Pan-Asian icon making her debut in London and now in Phnom Penh.
Develter at work

Each painting in the 'Chin Series' is named after a Chin village or area, shedding light on relatively unknown tribes. Women in the Chin State still endure the pain of tattooing as a testament to their beauty and tribe.

We extend our gratitude to Christian Develter for offering Asiatique to enhance Madama Butterfly main visual.

Develter's Siem Reap Gallery

Explore Christian Develter's captivating artwork and the 'Chin Series' narrative on his website: Christian Develter.

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