Enrico Terrone-Guerra Shines as 'Pinkerton' in Cambodian Premiere of Madama Butterfly

Enrico Terrone-Guerra Shines as 'Pinkerton' in Cambodian Premiere of Madama Butterfly

On December 10th, at Cambodia's Koh Pich Theatre, an exquisite night of opera awaits as the Cambodian premiere of "Madama Butterfly" takes center stage. This celebrated production, renowned for its compelling storytelling and enchanting music, features an ensemble of over 70 performers, including the accomplished tenor, Enrico Terrone Guerra, who will step into the role of Pinkerton.

Enrico Terrone Guerra brings with him a wealth of experience and a list of remarkable accomplishments, which demonstrate his unwavering dedication to the art of opera. Enrico's remarkable talent earned him a place at the prestigious "San Pietro a Majella" Conservatory in Naples, where he not only gained admission but also topped the rankings, a testament to his exceptional abilities.

Over nearly a decade in the field, Enrico has portrayed a wide range of characters, showcasing his vocal and dramatic versatility. His portfolio includes notable roles such as Don Ottavio in Mozart's "Don Giovanni" and Mario Cavaradossi in Puccini's "Tosca."

He has graced stages across the world, from China to Japan, France to Malta, and Romania, captivating audiences with his exceptional tenor voice. Enrico's remarkable voice was also featured in Mozart's "Requiem" at the Bellini Theater in Catania, under the direction of Carmen Failla.

The cast of the Cambodian premiere of "Madama Butterfly" is a stellar ensemble in its own right, under the direction of renowned director Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini. Joining Enrico on stage are accomplished artists, including Yasko Fujii, Ai Iwasaki, and Cambodian sensation Sethisak Khuon.

For opera lovers and newcomers alike, the Cambodian premiere of "Madama Butterfly" is a unique opportunity to experience the emotive power and artistic beauty of opera. With Enrico Terrone Guerra's remarkable accomplishments and the exceptional talents of the ensemble, this performance is destined to be a memorable and unforgettable evening.

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