Spotlight: The Cast

Spotlight: The Cast

As the anticipation builds for the premiere of Madama Butterfly at the Koh Pich Theatre on December 10th, it's time to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary singers who are the heartbeat of this opera. Their enchanting voices will bring to life the complex characters of Puccini's masterpiece, making it an evening to remember. 🎢🌸

Yasuko Fuji: The Soprano Serenade

Japan's Yasuko Fuji is no stranger to the operatic world, boasting a repertoire that spans continents and genres. As the soprano lead in Madama Butterfly, her ethereal voice promises to bring both vulnerability and strength to the character she portrays. A blend of technical prowess and emotional depth makes her a must-see and hear.

Ai Iwasaki: The Mezzo Marvel

Ai Iwasaki, who also doubles as the Executive Producer, brings an exceptional talent to the mezzo role. Representing the Cambodia Opera Project, Ai will encapsulate the nuanced complexities of her character through her rich, textured vocals. Her previous performances have been lauded for their emotional intensity, and this production promises to be no different.

Enrico Terrone-Guerra: The Tenor of Texture

Hailing from Italy, Enrico Terrone-Guerra brings a Mediterranean flavor to the Cambodian stage. His tenor voice resonates with a blend of warmth and power, capturing the attention of audiences from the first note to the last. Enrico is a natural fit for the emotionally charged and complex narrative of Madama Butterfly.

Martin Hg: The Baritone Backbone

Swedish Baritone Martin Hg is the backbone of the ensemble, offering a vocal richness that perfectly balances the higher ranges of his counterparts. His seasoned, mature voice will evoke a variety of emotions, providing a strong foundation upon which the rest of the performance can soar.

Sethisak Khuon: The Cambodian Sensation

Representing the home nation is Sethisak Khuon, a tenor who has become a sensation in Cambodia's growing classical scene. Known for his emotive power and vocal agility, Sethisak brings an authentic touch to this international ensemble, promising to hold his own among these global talents.

The Others: An Ensemble of Excellence

Rounding out the cast are bass Genta Fujioka and tenor Koki Mochizuki, both of whom bring their unique timbres and performance experiences to enrich the tapestry of voices in Madama Butterfly.

Final Note 🎼

These singers aren't just voices; they are storytellers, interpreters, and artists. Each brings their unique cultural and musical perspective to the universal story of love, betrayal, and sacrifice that is Madama Butterfly. It's their vocals that will breathe life into the words, making this a truly global and yet deeply personal performance.

🎫 Reserve Your Seat! 🎫

Witness the magic these incredible singers will create on December 10th at Koh Pich Theatre. Tickets are available on the official ticket page.

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