WolfTrap gifts Subtitles for Madama Butterfly

WolfTrap gifts Subtitles for Madama Butterfly

As the curtains rise in anticipation of our upcoming Madama Butterfly opera production in Cambodia, we are grateful for the generosity of Wolf Trap Opera Company. Their forthcoming donation of surtitles, provided by Kim P. Witman, promises to be a transformative addition to our performance, enhancing the experience for both our audience and artists.

Check their amazing website, truly one of the most beautifully designed we've come across: https://opera.wolftrap.org/

Wolf Trap Opera Company, known for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and a diverse array of programs, has been a guiding light in the realm of performing arts. As we prepare to embark on this creative journey, we are inspired by their dedication to accessible and affordable arts experiences, fostering an environment where the creativity of the human spirit flourishes.

The values upheld by Wolf Trap resonate deeply with our mission. Their belief in the power of the arts to change society mirrors our own commitment to using the performing arts as a catalyst for enrichment and transformation. As we eagerly anticipate the impact of their surtitles on our Madama Butterfly production, we recognize the shared vision we hold for the arts.

In the spirit of inclusivity, Wolf Trap Opera Company's commitment to showcasing diverse voices and perspectives aligns seamlessly with our goal of creating an immersive and welcoming experience for all. We are grateful for their dedication to reducing barriers to access, ensuring that the beauty of the arts is accessible to a wide and diverse audience.

As we prepare for Madama Butterfly, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Lee Anne Myslewski, Ronald Lee Newman and the entire Wolf Trap Opera Company. The collaboration with Kim P. Witman in providing surtitles is a testament to the unifying power of the arts. We look forward to a performance that not only captivates but transcends boundaries, creating an unforgettable cultural experience for all.

Thank you Wolf Trap!